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Apr 24, 2020

Aging. Many of us consider hitting ages 90, 100 and beyond to be in our genes. However, having a health span that matches our lifespan is in our control. The usual sign of great longevity is the absence of major health problems and problematic behaviors in your earlier years. Dr. Leonard Hayflick is one of those few who not only has genetics on his side, but has limited negative health behaviors that lead to a life fraught with illness. With COVID-19 disrupting our lives, there are things we are doing that make us more receptive to the virus. Let’s take the time to get our health back on track and fight this virus with strong immune systems and a healthy lifestyle.

  • The Hayflick limit
  • Cell mortality and immortality – Finding the source of cancer
  • What a virus is & how we think of it in relation to cellular activity
  • How to think of COVID-19


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