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Mar 13, 2024

Let’s face it, businesses love to show off. When you’re representing a brand, you want to show off that brand with office spaces that are clean and comfortable with all the amenities a workspace requires. Before covid ("BC") even startup  companies sunk big money and effort into making their workplace attractive. Now post-COVID ("PC") hybrid workstations and shared open workstations have become standard. In fact, companies have downscaled their physical spaces since there is no need to have a giant building that sits empty most days. So what does a startup or even any size company do when it needs a meeting place that isn’t cluttered and is more private than a coffee house? Host Jack Russo sits down with Veery Offices Founders Vickey Li and Johnny Yeh to learn about flexible office spaces in Silicon Valley that companies can rent whenever they need them.


Jack Russo

Managing Partner

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