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Jun 30, 2023

 Americans love their trucks, and its not too hard to figure out why. Trucks can be loaded down with tools for work, useful for helping your friend move across town, or tow a boat to the lake for the weekend. The only thing truck owners probably don’t love about their trucks is the low gas mileage and the challenge with street parking. A group of Stanford grads seek to fix both issues with a BEV (battery electric vehicle) mini-truck called TeloTruck. As students, they started designing solar vehicles and joined the solar car team at Stanford University. Forrest North and the guys at TELO are busy making America’s next favorite mini-truck which will do everything a gas guzzler does and with the ease of city street parking! Is America as ready for the mini-truck as it was for the mini-van decades ago? Strap in as host Jack Russo asks Forrest North how TELO created an environmentally friendly BEV-based mini-truck that was made for urban living, daily work chores and outdoor adventuring  - all with long (350 mile/charge) range and exceptional speed and agility.

For more information, see and the mention in Barron's that comments on what they are doing that may prove that Tesla needs a mini-truck in its lineup even before the release of Tesla's long planned but further delayed cybertruck!