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Apr 10, 2024

When we talk about the bullying problem in America, we tend to focus on the children who are tormented in school or online because bullies eventually grow up and act like adults, right? Unfortunately, some bullies never learn to act like decent human beings, and they carry their crude behaviors into adulthood where it can be modeled as successful tactics to children. Between younger generations taking offense to the smallest microaggression and older generations tendencies to make brazen, hurtful comments, it’s clear that bullying is taking its toll on civilization, and it is showing up in our politics. Can we combat adult bullies before society deteriorates even further? Today host Jack Russo and Tom Casey discuss the lack of respectable leadership in both business and politics.


Bullying Insults by Biden:

Is Musk a Bully?:

Bullying in Depositions:

Trump Suggests Biden Defecated on Oval Office Desk:

Trump's Shifting Abortion Stance:


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