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Jun 17, 2020

Should your company hire a COO? No, it is not a Chief Operating Officer anymore. As we continue taking steps out of our homes and back into the world, companies everywhere are searching for Covid compliant ways to care for their employees. Reopening the economy remains a divisive issue as business owners tweak the growing list of practices they need to address before worker’s head back to the office. Listen in as Jack and Steve Rabin discuss how to keep people safe when Covid-19 remains to be a threat.

  • Getting everyone comfortable with reopening
  • Flexible return dates
  • Adaptive workspaces
  • Specialty cleaning inside
  • Specialty cleaning outside
  • Signal you are taking health seriously
  • Rearranging your facility
  • Available PPE
  • Increased bathroom maintenance
  • Food and drink in the office
  • Office interaction

Safety Advice for Reopening: How to Reduce Your Risks as Coronavirus Lockdowns Ease
As businesses reopen, we asked public-health experts for guidance on venturing out.

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