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Mar 25, 2021

The desire to age gracefully is nothing new. 50+ years ago, Dr Edward Bortz (father of our favorite Stanford MD Dr Walter Bortz) wrote a book on how to age in a way that would lead to a successful feeling about both your healthspan, lifespan and perhaps even your workspan. Following the recent death of his brother and even more recent stroke of his mother, Jack Russo reflects on how lifestyle may be the most important form of medicine that cannot be picked up from your local pharmacy. Cue the debut of 21st Century Lifestyle Management, Jack’s proposed guide for improving ourselves and our relationships over time for a healthier lifespan, longer healthspan, and more productive and more enjoyable work span (perhaps to and even beyond 100):

  • Foundation for Creativity and Dispute Resolution
  • Improving your 7 Essences
  • Managing the roller coaster that is life