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Jun 1, 2022

The abortion debate keeps getting bigger and bigger. On May 25th, Oklahoma passed the strictest pro-life law in America banning all abortion procedures from conception. According to Justice Scalia’s dissent about the 10 Commandments in the courthouse, America has always been and should be a religious country which makes you wonder what role does religion place in daily life. Jack Russo and Rafael Chodos discuss the separation of church and state when it comes to a topic where religious and secular laws overlap.

On a related note, law firms are looking for more capital despite being part of a trillion-dollar business. Litigation lenders have only bought into a small slice of that money, less than 10%, leaving the industry ripe for some serious growth. Together these two are paving the way for a newer model of litigation that will be driven by explicitly by profit instead of service and ethics. Jack Russo asks Rafael Chodos how for-profit law firms will play into the development of secular law.